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Acecook Mi Goreng Shrimp & Onion Tasty Ramen Noodles.

There’s noodles come from Osaka, Japan.

Rating 3.7/5

Taste: as far as the taste goes on these noodles it’s bland but it’s not that bad either, I don’t taste much of the seafood flavor I would like to taste it just feels like there’s not a lot of flavor which could be improved.

Texture: the texture of the noodles are quite wonderful even though the taste wasn’t so flavorful I appreciate how firm the noodles are when you take each bite.

Price: Varies between which Asian market you decide to buy from, this package specifically ranges from $.69 – $.99 due to where they come from.


These noodles are not bad they aren’t that flavorful but they aren’t something I’d pass up either i would definitely say give them a go and see how your tastebuds feel about these noodles you might like them more than I did but I definitely didn’t mind eating them, one thing I will say is these are the type of texture noodles I do like and if the flavor was a little more seafood like they would definitely be on my top list.


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