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Taste King Pork Ribs Instant Ramen.

This noodles come from Taiwan

Rating: 4.7/5

Taste: these are some very incredible noodles I will say that I enjoyed the flavor and it does have a very strong pork flavor that makes you want more, I really liked just how perfectly flavorful they made this ramen.

Texture: noodles are very firm, they cling onto the everything and gather up as much flavor as possible when consumed, I would definitely buy these if you are ever in your Asian market. I’m so glad I purchased these.

Price: these ramen are priced around $.99 at your local grocery store which is not bad for a very flavorful instant ramen that will have your tastebuds feeling great.


I really love the elegance of these noodles they really present themselves very well and It is a definitely must buy if you are an instant ramen lover, you will get a lot of flavors your way with these noodles and I was very impressed.


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